City of Aztec
Comprehensive Plan

Update 2021

The Aztec City Council voted on June 22, 2021, to adopt the Comprehensive Plan update. A link to the draft is available below.

The Plan

Updating the Existing Plan

The City of Aztec completed its last Comprehensive Plan in 2002.

City of Aztec Population

Community Profile

A Comprehensive Plan brings together facts, figures, and stories about the people and places that make a community thrive.

Did you know: The median age in the City of Aztec is 33.0 years old, younger than the New Mexico average of 37.5.

Goals & Objectives

The Plan will outline Goals & Objectives for future implementation policies and projects based on the community profile, community input, and best planning practices.

The Process

Not all those who wander are lost.


Local leaders decided in the spring of 2020 that it was time to update the 18-year old City of Aztec Comprehensive Plan. The City has hired Consensus Planning, Inc., to help with the planning process.

The Comprehensive Plan will address all aspects of the community, including land use and community character, economic development, housing and neighborhoods, parks, community facilities and services, transportation, infrastructure, hazard mitigation, and implementation.

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins National Monument, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was built on the west bank of the Animas River in the 12th century by ancestral Puebloans using stone and mortar to create masonry dwellings. The extensive community likely served as a trade center for communities connecting the Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde sites.

The Farmington Daily Times recently wrote about planned improvements to North Main Avenue connecting Downtown Aztec and the National Monument with a pedestrian-friendly plaza and trailhead. The Daily Times also wrote about regional planning to complete multi-purpose trails linking Aztec and Farmington. Implementation of these projects will be carefully considered in the Comprehensive Plan.

Community Survey

As part of the community engagement process, Consensus Planning conducted a Community Survey online and in-print from July 1 through August 1, 2020. All residents were encouraged to take the survey online or in-person. A total of 247 survey responses were received. The results are available here.

About 2/3 of respondents live in Aztec’s city limits, and about 15% in nearby unincorporated San Juan County. Many grew up in Aztec and they have family there. Their favorite aspects of Aztec include the small town atmosphere, outdoor recreation, and natural environment. Most rate the quality of life as Excellent or Good. Those who participated in the survey use Riverside Park (77%), other City Parks & Trails (60%), and the Animas River (56%). Popular regional attractions include Navajo Lake State Park (77%), Aztec’s Natural Arches (42%), and mountain bike trails (38%). They support Aztec, and would like to see new options for Restaurants (77%), General Retail (75%), and Arts & Entertainment (53%).

Public Meetings

The City of Aztec held the final public meeting for the update to the City of Aztec Comprehensive Plan on Thursday June 3, 2021, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, at the HUB, 119 E. Chuska Street. The event took place in the outdoor stage area.

Consensus Planning, the City’s consultant, presented the draft Comprehensive Plan, a framework for how the City should address growth and development over the next 20 years. Aztec Comprehensive Plan Public Draft 5-10-2021 PDF is available to download and review (reduced to 54MB). Forward comments to Jackie Fishman, AICP, Consensus Planning, fishman@consensusplanning.com.

The Farmington Daily Times wrote about the project before the meeting, and after the meeting.

The City of Aztec held the second public meeting to update the City of Aztec Comprehensive Plan on October 29, 2020. Consensus Planning gave a presentation on the planning process and received public input on the Comprehensive Plan’s draft goals and objectives and alternative future land use scenarios.

The draft goals and objectives address land use, economic development, housing and neighborhoods, infrastructure, transportation, parks and recreation, public services and facilities, and hazard mitigation. The alternative future land use scenarios graphically illustrate how Aztec could grow in the next 20 years. The online public meeting included a follow-up survey on the draft goals and objectives.

After the meeting, the planning team considered public input and proposed a consensus Future Land Use Scenario.

The first public meeting for the update to the City of Aztec Comprehensive Plan took place online on July 30, 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the project and facilitate a listening session on the issues currently faced by Aztec and the community’s vision for the future. The meeting took place on Go to Webinar due to the State of New Mexico restrictions on large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Did You Know?

Aztec and the Four Corners Region are popular filming locations. The New Mexico Film Office provides a variety of services to the film industry and local communities, including a database of film locations, including sites in and around Aztec, such as Main Street and Downtown. The City of Aztec provides useful information for the film and television industry on their website.

Four Corners Economic Development has more information on economic opportunities in Aztec and the Four Corners region.

About Us

The City of Aztec and Consensus Planning are working closely with the citizens of Aztec on their Comprehensive Plan.

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